The writer Brendan Kelly says “Partner-swapping is a catchy concept, to begin with, but it isn’t sexy enough, nor have much occurring emotional sonorous to maintain the interest of the audience over 2 hours of movie time.” The Five couples who are in their mid-30s determine to wallow in swapping their partners, by randomly picking the car key, when the women are blindfolded. It was slightly shocking for Ellen (Brooks) and Jack (Antony Edridge) they let to slip as they regularly devour in partner swapping. All the friends agree that they should experience their swaps and excites them to agree on it.

However, slight jealousies start arises when few friends discern that others are getting their most benefit than from the arrangement of themselves. The tensions get mounted and their darker secrets get started to be revealed.

With lots of unmitigated and some fun making moments, the climax is revealed earlier than expected which makes the viewer boring and frustrated and the movie appears to be lengthier and does not satisfy the audience.